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It's Here!


The Boss.


One Level: Lush Shores Zone.
Comic-like Cutscenes.
Extra Levels (DON'T open the Extras Menu. Levels aren't in the quest yet).
Tough Bosses.
16-Bit Quality sound.


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Re: Sonic Greek Overture Release

Nice! Thankfully you're no longer using 0.1.4.

In general, it was nice to play. Good to see you guys are learning some scripting. There are some issues with the level design (leading to clumsy physics in a few special places in the levels). As we said some time ago, there are issues with the current sunshine brickset: it's not as easy to use as it could be, and it does not prevent errors in brick placement (hence the clumsy physics at some defective points). It's being worked on, but that could take some more time.

For now, a good advice would be to build your own brickset from scratch.

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That Reminds me. Could you update RBE to create groups as well? I'm sort of a visual person. smile

Lush Shores zone is the only level to have an "already-made" brickset. Coastal Flats zone and over will have custom ones.

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that's planned for some time now, but it might take a while.

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Hmm... That might delay the project a bit...

But still, yeah custom bricksets and all sorts of Surprises are coming. Has anyone edited the credits.dat file? wink wink

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You used musics from Sonic 1 Remastered tongue

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Yeah, I know. I liked it so much, I decided to use it. smile

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