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today is the start of the global game jam.
This year I participate and I was wondering if there are more people who participate?

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I would have, but the closest event location was hundreds of Km away, even though it is in Portugal.

How was your participation? can you share the experience?

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I was ask by one of the organizer, so I could't refuse.

first we meet at 6 in the evening. there I meet some people from arrount the world (there where also people form Greece and Thailand). after one hour, I had make a group of 5 people. 4 devolpers and 1 desginer. becouse of that, i helped the desginer. we all thid this for the first time.
first we wacht a movie about game desginer in south america and the u.k. and then we started. the theme of this years was this:

the first evening, we had made the concept of the game with a nice beer. at 2 hour we got to sleep.
we sleep in a class room, and the light can't go off. becouse of that I could't sleep at all.
8 am we got breakfast and coffie. and we started to work on the game.

The game where made in XNA (Csharpe) and desging in inscape and ilustation and the animation where made in flash.
we had work to the last minute, and when we try to upload the game, the site was down sad
later the site was back, we uploded the game by then.

the global game jam was finish, and we share or game with other groups. there where raely nice games.
it's was a weekend that I will do next years also.