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on revision 600, the video settings have been modified. There are now 4 settings: 1x (320x240 - equivalent to the old "TINY"), 2x (640x480 - equivalent to the old "NORMAL"), 3x (960x720) and 4x (1280x960).

The old "MAX" option has been dropped, as it caused some problems on some video cards (ssdw already reported a problem like that)

Also, now the level editor respects the chosen setting. It means that, for example, if you're on a 3x setting, your level editor area will be 960x720 - it's no longer fixed to 640x480. That former inconsistency was reported by jobromedia some time ago, and it's now fixed. Hopefully this will help out some level designers out there, by giving them more work space. smile

... and if you're brave enough, by selecting the 1x mode, you can edit your levels on a tiny editor as well: roll

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Nice one!

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does this setting also apply to the gameplay screen size, or is it still streched to fit resolution?

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at least today, the gameplay area is always 320x240, no matter the size of the window. The level editor, on the other hand, will adapt itself to the size of the window.

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can't you adapt it so that the true resolution is the same as the one chosen in the options?

We all know higher resolution means higher requirements, but that's so standard it is actually ok if we keep the low resolution for older machines.

From what I could catch in the resolutions code, and i'm sorry if i mix up or actually got it wrong, but there is one "base" resolution at which the gameplay works, and that might be possible to replace with the same variable you use to stretch it and also display the editor.

I believe that if you send the screen data for higher resolutions directly to the blit instead of sending to the scale filter it should work. only in theory, unfortunately i couldn't compile the hack to see if it works.

Screen borders, as you once told me, and I confirmed, are calculated based on the internal resolution, so when this raises, the offscreen active zone raises too. The filtered resolution has absolutely no effect on offscreen area.

The only drawback, and a very small one, is that hud objects would have to rely on relative positioning rather than absolute, I mean, the absolute positioning starts using screen height and width  to calculate the right position for elements, rather than relying on a couple of fixed coordinates.

Edit: I gave it some more thought, and how about a configuration file that lets us specify the internal resolution at which our mod works? I know you aim to have an all around compatibility, but for those caring about more screen and off-screen areas it would be perfect. Then the resolution option we have would do the correct scaling of 1x 2x or 3x. You'd give us the choice of internal resolutions, like 2 or 3 choices, the modder specifies it in the config files, and the engine is good for all.

If the maximum allowed resolution == current "max" option then no rescaling needed

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kzr, what you said is already in the todo list.

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oh sorry, i just got hyped over it lol

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x4 crashed on me:

Error wrote:

video_changemode() couldn't set the graphic mode (1280 x 960)! Resolution not supported.

But the other three worked.