Topic: Open Sonic Launcher 0.1 (for opensnc 0.1.2 win)

Open Sonic Launcher 0.1
is another osnc launcher for Windows

This launcher 0.1.0 is for Open Sonic 0.1.2.

This launcher can:
- Select Language (only the official languages)
- Select Level (only the "installed" levels, in the levels folder)
- Select Video (Fullscreen, Tiny, Default)
- Select Color (8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, 32 bits)
- Select Filter (2xSaI, SuperEagle, Default)
- Select Music (Yes, No)
- Select Joystick (Yes, No)
- Select Memory (Low Memory Usage, Default)

Store all configurations in "launcher.ini". If you edit the "launcher.ini" bad the wrong values are restored to their default. If you delete "launcher.ini" all options are set to default.

In "Info" you can see the command line options / open sonic help menu / open sonic version.

If you run launcher.exe and opensonic.exe isn't there display an error message! And if the levels folder doesn't exist only show "Open Sonic" level.

Download (1.08 mb)

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Re: Open Sonic Launcher 0.1 (for opensnc 0.1.2 win)

Nice one!

Improvements proposal :
- Cross-platform source, if possible. wink (And telling the final license you want this to be of.)
- Add a nice sonic art on top of/around/wherever you want to make the launcher even more sweet.

Anyway, thanks and best regards.

Re: Open Sonic Launcher 0.1 (for opensnc 0.1.2 win)

Nice work, Lainz! smile

Re: Open Sonic Launcher 0.1 (for opensnc 0.1.2 win)

It is free to use, but if you redistribute this please keep the launcher_readme.txt because i need it to use the icon created by pixel-mixer (the link is included inside the exe but i think they need a link in a text file).

This is created with Autoplay Media Studio (windows) so only windows sad  no hard programming required to do this, no more posibilities, big final executable file 1mb or more..

I will add some artwork when the official Open Sonic artwork comes here smile

Other things:
I have the other svn languages, but i will add this launcher only for the website releases.