Topic: Open Surge Setup

This is a first setup for Open Surge, it can be changed at all.

Script file for Inno Setup

Test Setup (open surge 0.2 svn 580) and Notepad++ 5.9.3 minimalist


* File association with an editor, by default Notepad++, but you can set the editor you want (you must copy the editor to the _Editor folder and change the editor script definitions (the first script lines))

* Added in Default Programs (by default as Notepad++ for Open Surge).

* You can edit the 'Open Surge Script' part in [Registry] and add the icon and the parameters you want. Also you can create more types to add different icons for each extension (by default is one type for all extensions)..

How to compile:

* Install inno setup (latest ver from
* Add all open surge files to the 'Open Surge' folder.
* Add an editor to the folder _Editor. Change the editor definitions in the _OpenSurge.iss script.
* Add custom icons and images if you want uncommenting the ";style" part of the code. Copy the images and icon in the _Resources folder.
* Compile with inno setup [ctrl + f9]
* The output file is in the _Setup folder.


* By default is installed in the Public documents folder because Open Surge is a portable application to ensure that all people can edit the folder (because i don't know if open surge is Win Vista Win7 compatible - saving the settings in the appdata instead the app folder)

* The file association is by default for all users, but each user can change the association from the Default Programs.

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Re: Open Surge Setup

I like it, however I'd skip Notepad++ and associate the files with the regular text editor. And... I'd also recommend that you switch to InstallJammer since it can build installers not just for Windows, but for at least 15 different platforms: Unix, Linux, FreeBSD and other systems alike.