Topic: [feature] Sound guide

I suggest this out of the need from my own handicap. Locating the goal and continue isn't an easy task if one cannot see, so this is an idea how to sort this out. But before we go on I need to ask a question: Has anyone here ever heard a sound guide before?

A sound guide emits a short beep at a regular time interval to guide blind people to where things are. It could be an escalator,or a special building at a school etc etc...

Now how would we go about doing this in OS?

First of all let's focus on the basics:
* The beep shouldn't be more than 1/10 second in length and not at a moderate sound level.
* The further the player is from the target the longer between the beeps. Maximum 3 seconds though.
* The closer the player is to the target the more rapid should the beeps be heard.
* Is the player to the far left of the target, play the beep in the right speaker.
* Is the player to the far right of the target, play the beep in the left speaker.
* Is the target above the player, then play the sound at a higher frequency.
* Is the target below the player, then play the sound at a lower frequency.
* Pan the sound and adjust the frequency according to the player position.
* Enemies, dangers and rings have the higher priority over checkpoints and goals.
* Each object should have a sound guide object created, once the parent object is destroyed then so does the sound guide object.

Now this would prolly annoy a lot of people, so this option should be turned off when downloading the game. smile

We might as well need individual sound / sound guide / music levels to make the game even better.