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Now if this is in the wrong place then feel free to move it. Open Sonic is good, it is great to tell the trueth, but let's face it; it ain't all. smile So why not use this topic to honour other projects worthy a look. Now I don't do this to commercialize other projects, rather I do this to give a wider input what open sonic could benefit from.

Let me start first then:

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D sonic game based on the Doom engine. Dunno what version, but gameplay wise it is light years better compared to Sonic unleashed (which I personaly think should have the night levels scrapped entirely). In other words: A bit slower, not as slick graphics as SU (which I don't mind at all), and a decent game to create new levels in. As far as levels they're so called PWADS (patch wads), which means that they're basically doom levels. Ofcourse the entire bit of shoot'em up is removed. Still you got powerups (different shields etc).

Sonic Zone is a nice game for being made with Game Maker, but it is more a Super Mario with sonic sprites and sounds. No slopes, sloppy collision checking, midi music and the spindash is missing. Not a bad game, but it sure could use some of open sonic's engine to spice it up a little. There is one thing it do use that is kinda fresh, and it is GameMaker 4.2's particle system. The first level uses a nice snow effect to give the winter feeling. Something that would lift open sonic alot if we got that.

SFGHQ is a site dedicated to Sonic fan games. I've been there to and fro during a few years time, some games are really good while other's (like Sonic Zone above) don't hold up to no good. This site has alot of sonic resources, ripped sprites, level gfx etc etc.

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this site has info on official sonic and hacks etc.


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There's a list of 2D Sonic engine clones -- Open Sonic and its three direct competitors -- on the Sonic Retro wiki.