Topic: Scripting Suggestion: Adding a parameter to set_player_animation

OK, say you have two different objects forcing the character into an animation (most notably the companions vs. other objects). When the character is being forced by both, maybe the engine should have a settable priority:

set_player_animation 'sprite' 'animation number' 'priority'

Like if one object has:

set_player_animation "SD_SURGE" 10 1

and another has:

set_player_animation "SD_SURGE" 11 2

...and they're active at the exact same time, then the animation Surge would be in is 10, and not 11. The lower the number (starting at 1), the higher the priority. The reason I suggest this is so coders would have an easier time putting in custom actions and attacks that won't mess up objects that change your player's animation.

Is this doable?

Re: Scripting Suggestion: Adding a parameter to set_player_animation

The more specific the request is, the less likely it is going to be made.

In your case, instead of making the objects change the animation directly, you could make an external object handle all these calls - say, the "animation manager". Then, you make a request to the animation manager, and it will decide how to change the animation of the player, based on the priorities you submit to it.