Topic: I'm an idiot(TUTORIAL I)

<MasterX> Okay, I suck at the editor.
<MasterX> Harley.
<MasterX> Help me.
<MasterX> I don't get the tutorial.
<MasterX> ...
<MasterX> MAybe GAMEDIR is not a folder
<MasterX> Nope.
<MasterX> im an idiot

I suck.
I thought GAMEDIR was a folder.

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Re: I'm an idiot(TUTORIAL I)

lol its not that hard

Re: I'm an idiot(TUTORIAL I)

It's called a placeholder. For me X:<GAMEDIR>\ translates to

D:\Games\Open Sonic\Latest stable\

X: is the harddrive you got the game stored on.
The GAMEDIR is just the location to the game on your harddrive.

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Re: I'm an idiot(TUTORIAL I)

I know, and knew that.
I just thought at first GAMEDIR was a folder.