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Hello Open Sonic community!  LarryLemming here (call me Larry or whatever).  Stumbled across this project a couple of days ago, came here from the community.  All I can say is wow, this is quite the project you have going here!  I mean, I understand that the game is just a demo and hugely not complete yet, but already it feels very complete.

To be honest, I think I found this project a while back, but it was still in early development and fairly difficult to play.

I am also interested in getting involved!  I feel like I have many ideas, some of which are good (most of which probably aren't.)  I also bring some graphic talents and some music talents.  I've done pixel art before, and although I haven't had a ton of experience, I've enjoyed what I have done and think I might try my hand at a little bit of art here as well.  As for the music... I'm a musician that knows a little about music theory and has a little experience composing, might also try my hand at that here as well.

All in all... what needs to be done?  I want to help. big_smile

Re: Greetings!

Welcome, Larry! smile

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to post your ideas at the development area. smile

We already have a musician now (Di Rodrigues), but we've got no graphic artists so far. If you are a pixel artist, please show us your portfolio. You can send me an e-mail (see here) or post it on the forums if you prefer to do so.

All in all... what needs to be done?  I want to help

You probably want to see this article as well. smile

Re: Greetings!

I don't have a portfolio as of yet (almost everything I do with this is strictly hobby, I haven't had the chance to put together anything yet.)  BUT I will try my hand at some of the concept art you have and see what you think, if that will work. smile