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I assume that you all know what an internet troll is, well I found an interesting story today which caught my attention quite effectively.  It was about a man who literally went to prison for being a troll, you can find the full story here: … r-11650593

What do you think is most disturbing: The fact that being a troll is literally against the law in the U.K., the fact that Coss' neighbors felt it necessary to inform the police that there was a troll living down the street or the fact that the police thought the matter was important enough to warrant an interview and then formal charges?  Did he deserve prison merely for being rude?

I personally don't like Trolls, they are just people who want attention and will do anything to get it, including insulting the dead.  However, I am also a big supporter of freedom of speech, and I think that if something like this can be censored merely for being inappropriate that other things not nearly as deserving of censor can be silenced in the future on the same basis.

Post your thoughts on the subject.

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If I knew then what I know now I'd tell you that the story's true.  Cause whatever you do, it comes back to you.  -Slaughter, Burning Bridges

Re: Troll goes to prison

You've hardly scratched the surface about the terrible things that are now being allowed to happen in the modern world, and they're only going to get worse and worse. Trolls are the least of your problems, this incident being more of a distraction from the real issues that aren't being told.

For good references on what the future is already bringing into the present, I recommend the following:

*1984 (Book; ebook available freely and legally online; only the concepts in the first part are relevant, as the second part was likely written by someone else entirely).

*Equilibrium (Wonderful movie, much like the first Matrix movie in action and ideas).

*Judge Dredd (Movie; Comic Book; Video Games; I recommend at least the movie for a realistic look at how the future is going to be, minus the heroes though).

*Robocop (3 Movies; Very good depiction of the present in some places and the somewhat possible future in most places, except that OCP will succeed in controlling Robocop completely and make many of him to rule all, as well as many of those big scary robots).

*The Time Machine (Book; Old Movie; New Remake Movie; I recommend all, except that imagine that the time traveler will not succeed in defeating the Morlochs).

Enjoy the future, as you have no control over what is going to happen, not that it's fate or anything... just that you have no power to change it. A discussion here will change nothing. Even actions will most likely fail at this point, unless maybe if they're on the most massive scale, in terms of numbers.