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- .ogg audio is smaller than wav and have good quality. (
- masked PNG is better than color transparency and best quality for PNG images (i don't know if is possible in allegro)


here is an OGG Vorbis loading for Allegro:

High Quality wav file "1up" sample > 636 kb / low quality 41,9 kb
High Quality ogg file "1up" sample > 189 kb / medium quality 73,2 kb / low quality 30 kb

Considerations: ogg in low quality sounds better (realy better) than wav in low quality >> sounds like high quality wav.


is possible, i found info to make the transparency PNG:

If you can add ogg and png alpha to make the game more customizable.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

One of the goals of our project is that even old/slow hardware should be able to run Open Sonic. Not everybody can have a fast and modern PC, at least in my country. Let me explain:

We use .wav files mainly for small samples (like jump.wav, ring.wav, etc), so the size of those files is small. We don't plan to put high definition sounds in the official package because this would increase the download size (maybe too much in a long term), but of course this idea is very nice as an addon. For example, your package of high-quality sounds is very cool - if the player wants it, he/she should download it separately.

We have opted to play musics in the .mod/.it/.xm/.s3m format, since they are good and can be small in size (smaller than .ogg). But the .ogg support would be nice too. However, this would require some more external libraries, which would make the compiling process more complicated for who tries to compile Open Sonic from the source. We want to keep things easy and simple for everyone.

We can overcome this issue by creating some pre-defined flag (say, #define DISABLE_OGG), so if the user uses it, he/she wouldn't be required to have the additional libraries (but the .ogg support would be missing). If the flag isn't defined, the .ogg support would be available (which would be the default option). What do you people think? smile

In this case I think we have more Cons than Pros. To support semi-transparent stuff in PNG files we need to use some alpha/blending functions, which can slow things down considerably on old CPUs - and we don't want that. Of course somebody could implement a unofficial patch, and people could use it as an addon. In this case, the images in the main package wouldn't contain semi-transparent stuff, but the users could create their own set of images as addons too. smile

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OK, realy slow the PC's PNG Alpha, waiting users think about other audio filetypes.

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Compressed audio is a bane to older cpus, but will be a necessity when level packs and total conversions grow in size.  Older computers are limited on download speed and storage space too.  ;-)

I don't particularly like Vorbis for gaming applications because lossy algorithms get really lossy when lots of enemies are on the screen, so if OGG is the container format then please choose FLAC.  :-D

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hmmm... ok.
We have few users at this time, but I'll add your .ogg request to the TODO List anyway as low priority. Once we get a larger base of users, we hope to have more feedback on this subject.

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The original sonic didn't support alpha blended textures (other than COMPLETE transparency of a pixel, or none), that gave it a certain "crisp" feel, a good look.

Newer sonic 2d games look too "mushy", they're not like the brilliant 3 of yore (Sonic 1, 2 and sonick3&knuckles)