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Some Place Level
Version= beta1

Here is an other level for open sonic, uses music and background "ocean" of open sonic.

You can beat this in some seconds!


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I don't think the green floor fits properly in a Sonic-based game, but your yellow texture is great, as it has a good shadow effect and everything. smile

About the level itself, many things are missing, like some challenges, items, enemies, slopes, backgrounds, etc. It feels like nowhere, but we understand that your level is in development. I just used Tails to fly around.

Anyway, keep it up! smile

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I'm testing the "2.5d" gfx levels as you can see, but without handling the 2d "z position" of the brick's some things are hard to do.

Without this things the only way to make this style of graphics "and be cool" (my level is an anti-example of cool 2.5d) is using transparent solid brick's for walk area and make the environment with passable bricks ("as separated backgrounds" of the solid).

But the main idea is here now wink

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the link expired

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Can you reupload the file?

I'm ready and waiting for you!