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its what the name implies
im not smart so i eventualy find a way to get a link up hmm
ps how do you do that

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use google drive or mediafire to put your file up

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Dropbox is what I use to share files here. To get your files up, there's several cloud storage options like MediaFire, Google Drive and the aforementioned Dropbox.

Here's some generalized steps for sharing here:

1. Create a free account for the chosen cloud service. You'll need a valid email address for making it, plus some more personal information if you choose to make a Google account for Drive.

2. They'll probably send you a verification message to your existing email address, so check your inbox (and spam folder, just in case) for the link to verify your account.

3. Upload your mod to the cloud service by logging in to their website with the new account you had created. Somewhere on the page should be an "Upload" button; click that, and in the new pop-up window, select your mod to upload it.

Alternatively, if you have the mod in another window already, most cloud services allow you to drag it from that window to the page and automatically start uploading it.

4. After it's done uploading, you have to get a shareable link for the uploaded mod. To do that, find a "Share" button on the page, or something similar. After that, there should be an option to copy a shareable link to the clipboard so it is ready to be pasted. Choose that option, and once the link is copied to the clipboard, continue to the next step.

5. Make a topic here about your mod (or preferably the MODs section) and paste the link into your post. To do this properly, you'll want to click the URL icon above your message, which will put code in your message that allows links to function correctly. Paste your link in between the brackets in the code to make the link work.

Hope this helped. Looking forward to seeing the mod! smile


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I should also note that you'll also want to put your mod in a compressed folder before uploading. Right-click the folder, then go to "Send to" > "Compressed (zip) folder" if you're using Windows. Compressed folders provide smaller file size, making for faster upload/download times. cool