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Ambition without restraint is a big killer hmm

I wanted to do and learn so much, in the end, I just learned.
I learned it is better to go for small things when you work alone, and build up on them as you can.
I learned it is better to have a small set of core mechanics and good level design.
I also learned that if you know how a tool works and you're good with it, you stick with it (please don't use this as an excuse to try and turn screws with a hammer lol )

That's why I'm taking a break from Construct and coming back home to Open Surge, and to you guys.

To all the new peeps, hi! Nice to see some fresh meat... i mean friendly new faces lol

Don't get me wrong, Construct 2 is great. I dare even say a lot more flexible and powerful than Open Surge (It's actually pretty obvious). However there is something in Open Surge that no other engine has offered me so far:

  • Easy scripting

  • Based around a state machine

  • An emotional connection ( d'awww <3 )

Enough ranting! As some of you may know (because you actually read my posts or we are friends), I had a troubled relationship with my game, and this time I think I reached the point where I want to actually finish it. For that I had to put a lot of plans in the drawer with the label "too much for one person alone" on it.

And so, I want to announce that the game will be a linear arcade-style beat-'em-up platformer with very simple RPG elements. Sounds more complex than it really is, since basically you walk right (so cliché lol ), fight enemies, pick up power-ups and get stronger as you defeat more enemies. Enough rambling! I have pics to prove it!

Teaser Pics:

Full Album: … 506312174/

That's it for now. Comments, suggestions, complaints, applications to join, or just trivial chat about the weather, I'd love to know about it!

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hey KZR,

First of all, welcome back wink

It's clear how much you have evolved since you started.

We never meant to be a competitor for Construct. Our engine was originally built for Open Surge. Still, given that our engine (intentionally) provides so much space for creative expression, it's natural that it shows itself as a powerful tool for 2D game making - an excellent one, shall I say, especially for platformers.

The first evidence that you will see of the enhanced power of the Open Surge Engine is our new scripting system. After we develop SurgeScript, there will be a refactoring of the level editor. Namely, we want to bring new features and improved usability. A major engine update is also expected.

The approach you're taking on your game - develop something simple (yet not so simple) within a well-defined scope - is a wise one. I hope we can see new updates periodically.

great pics! wink

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Thanks Alex smile

OS was never meant to compete with anything, it is its own thing and it is good like that. That's where it shines.

This progress was not achieved without a few bumps on the road: The gravity for objects doesn't work so well and objects making use of it often clip through walls and warp over bricks :\ and another weirdness is a strange animation duplication that happens sometimes even if there is no other object or even the player changing to that specific animation. This is barely noticeable in motion but in a screenshot it's very obviously noticeable. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the changes I did to the source code, and I'll try to replicate this with a "clean" engine.

I'll also post a few shots soon, so you can see what I mean smile

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apparently there is a problem with on_animation_finished, because once i replaced that with a timeout, i haven't noticed any more of this

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Great! I don't really understand what you mean regarding the animation. What is it about?

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if you look at the image closely, the character object is playing two animation frames at the same time

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ah, I see it. Can you reproduce the issue on a clean version of the engine and send me the files?