Topic: Thanksgiving Update

Yeah I know I have yet to redeem myself. I haven't been working on anything recently due to loss of a computer. hmm
Anyway I'm not done with OS yet though! I'm going to get back into it sometime but so I'm only working on writing.

Another announcement is that I'm releasing my first album: Into the Dark on the 15th next month, and I'm giving you guys exclusive rights to use my music anyway you wish. (Everyone outside of OS has to buy the tracks.)
If you use them, credit me or my team and stuff, or support my team by buying the tracks anyway. I wish you all good luck on your development and have a happy Thanksgiving.  Hasn't been updated anytime recently, don't bother.
I'm on SoundCloud: - I plan to upload one soon.
Name change from 24XFSAL coming soon. Currently studying for Information Technology and Game development. (Also studying game theory in spare time.)

Re: Thanksgiving Update

hey, keep up the good work smile