Topic: Admin needed - Open Surge Facebook Page

Hello gang,

I need an administrator, or two, or a bunch, that are responsible, active in the forums and can manage the Facebook page and post regularly.

I manage a few pages already, and I'm working on projects not related to Open Surge, so I don't have the time to do it by myself.

I could pick the people, but I prefer that the community votes on those that show interest.

It is necessary that you write good English to make good posts and engage more people around the world. If your English is not good, you can still invite people to like the page. That will bring more people to the community, and take Open Surge out of the obscurity.

Re: Admin needed - Open Surge Facebook Page

Unfortunately, my English is terrible, so I could not post regularly on the page.

However, I can improve the appearance of the page a bit, if is needed.

Re: Admin needed - Open Surge Facebook Page

Well I appear to have some free time. I don't see why not?  Hasn't been updated anytime recently, don't bother.
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