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These are the current projects i am doing. Some of these are things i am doing by me self.
1). Trilogy MOD - A game me and Joelled are working on.
2). [Untitled] - The game Aaron is featured in.
3). Axop I - Update
4). Dark Symphony - *Note this may become a game, for now it is a a story.
5). Blood-Rage: The New York Experiment - *Book I of the Blood-Rage series.
6). Blood-Rage: The Contamination Arc
7). [Untitled2]

These are the current things i am doing so that is the reason why i haven't really did anything yet.
Hope this helps with knowing why i don't update consistently.  Hasn't been updated anytime recently, don't bother.
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Re: Some other things...

Just letting you know it's called Trilogy Infinity but we can refer to it as Trilogy for short.

Thanks for the intro file anyway smile
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Trilogy Infinity (with Aronthehedgehog) Current version: Unreleased