Topic: Thank U so Mutch For OPEN SURGE!

Things I Like:
The ease of editing the levels and other contents of the game is great. Also I think this could grow into something much bigger.

I wonder if people will not discover Open Surge because they will be using "sonic" in the search engine. More people search "Sonic",rather than "Surge", when looking for a game. I just want this project to be noticed a little more than it is. I cry at game projects that die out. And I trust that it will not happen.

But I don't think this project has the same future (of dieing out), having seen all that has been done here.
And I therefore solute you: both Developers and Users alike.

Until next time!

"I'll be Back";)

Re: Thank U so Mutch For OPEN SURGE!

also content is either being created or being thought of so between everything there is going to be a lot of space between projects.  Hasn't been updated anytime recently, don't bother.
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