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By reprogramming SD I ran into a few challenges. Some I solved by scripting, others by changing the sources. Unfortunately, I can not do all on my own, so here goes:

  • Improvements to "walk"

I believe that due to the way the sensors handle bricks, slopes are treated like walls, and the object turns around, even when the floor has a slight angle. I was able to script a better walking routine, but this has to be done in a per-object basis and is very time consuming, as it must be adjusted to fit every new sprite.

  • Optionally give "complex" physics to an object (like the player has)

In this case, an object would accept the same physics as a player, given by a command or property.

  • Define if an object can be paused or not

This would allow scripted menus to run while the game is paused, for example.

  • Rotation, Alpha and Scale being compatible with each other

Self explanatory. Maybe new commands with combined functionality, like "alpha_rotate", "alpha_scale" "scale_rotate" "alpha_scale_rotate".

  • Adjustable player hitbox

The hitbox that handles collisions with bricks does not scale with the size of the player sprite. My sprite was 64px tall, but the hitbox was always ~~24px tall, and ducking didn't matter to that. I suggest that we can change it, either by defining it in the .chr file or in an object script.


Some I did myself, but I don't know how to commit them. Alexandre, you have access to my code, you may copy or recreate as needed:

  • Drawing objects behind the background, when Zindex < 0

  • Background preview in editor

  • Drop the old player rotation code, as it bugs when something attached to the player is set to rotate with the player. It also looks smoother.

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Same here.

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