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Well, here it is.

Forgotten Fantasies/Machine

As you've read the header, the track has two parts, with separate, completely different sounding songs (Forgotten Fantasies and Machine) that have been mixed together to make a longer piece, since there both short.

Opinions! Tell me what you think?

P.S. Credit goes to my sister as well, she made the drum/tiphany loops in the first part.

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Now let's see.

Track 1:

This track is really dark and moody in the start. There's an audio anomaly in the dark pad (a clicky sound in the start of it). Up the attack just a notch to get rid of it. Don't forget to up the release as well to compensate for the longer attack. You should also follow the pad with the piano melody. So raise the melody 5 semitones when the pad raises 5 semitones. Makes it sound better.

Track 2:

Now this is rather special. You got a lot of funky sounds going on in this track. I'd definitely splitt these two tracks into separate tracks since they're really great separated.

Track 3:

Skip this one all together unless you want to use this when the player chats to a big enemy.


It's a bit too much of everything in this song. It's nice that you mix them together, but this means that you loses a whole lot of lots in quality. That shows in track 2 where this song goes totally to the crappers.  sad

I'm not joking here, but you really need to learn this lesson well in music: Less is more. The more you can gain from less tracks the better the song becomes. That's why C64 music holds such high quality.

The C64 had 3 channels and 4 waveforms. That's it.

The composers had to combine the hihat with a chords, possibly even other drums to get as much room as possibly for the bass and the melody. The chords had to be arpeggiated 3-4 notes fast paced one one channel to get the illusion of more voices than the C64 had.

Just a few examples.

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Track 3? There is no track 3.

Anyway, The reason I mixed the two together is that I was aiming at what Daft Punk did in their Alive 2007 concert.

Yes the tracks will be released as separate ones soon.

About that "less is more" thing. I have done that, but every time I do that, it feels like it was just "slapped together in 10 minutes". Well, sometimes anyway.


Now I know where the graphics came from for this guy to make this:

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Genocide City Zone had no sprites or animations whatsoever, it was completely blank in the game's system. All that was in the data was the name of it, absolutely no part of the level was even started.

In other words, that picture was not official, so it was probably from somewhere else, or even custom created.

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Yeah I know. It's a hoax. I've played Sonic 2 Beta before.

However you're wrong about something. There are Emerald Hill zone tiles above the cameras reach, and the "background" uses Emerald Hill zone's palette.

Sonic Retro wrote:

It has been discovered in the Sonic 2 Simon Wai prototype that Genocide City Zone is not entirely empty. Above Sonic's placement, beyond the camera's sight, is a couple blocks of Emerald Hill Zone tiles. It has also been discovered the Genocide City, in this same prototype, uses all Emerald Hill tiles, possibly as a placeholder.

Also the actual name of the level was Cyber City, with graphics that were reused in Sonic Spinball.
More speculation/research says that time travel was originally intended for Sonic 2, with GCZ being Chemical Plant zone's future aspect.

Sonic Retro wrote:

This level was originally planned as the "past" version of Dust Hill Zone, but the idea of time travel was quickly dropped and the level probably was never implemented in this game.

This goes also for Wood/Metropolis zone, Rock/Dust Hill zone, Hidden Palace/Oil Ocean zone and Emerald Hill/Neo Green Hill zone.
Why do you think there's a city background in CPZ?
Emerald Hill zone/Genocide City palate.

need I say more?

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