Topic: [command_request] on_collision "*category"

Can we make it so we can somehow define a category within 'on_collision' in an object? Like if you have a category of enemies called 'Fire':

on_collision "*Water" "extinguish"

Then anything with the category defined as 'Water' causes it to extinguish. We don't have to use a * for category, but thats just an example.

As compared to something like this which slows the engine down:

on_collision "Waterfall" "extinguish"
on_collision "Waterfall 2" "extinguish"
on_collision "Running Water 45" "extinguish"
on_collision "Running Water 27" "extinguish"
on_collision "Waterline" "extinguish"
on_collision "Water shot" "extinguish"
on_collision "Water Bucket" "extinguish"
on_collision "Water.... Water" "extinguish"

This would make the game run a lot more smoothly for character powers if you have a wide variety of enemies compared to something like that.

Doing this for 'change_closest_object_state' or 'create_child' or anything else defining an object is most likely out of the question though. That kind of effect could be achieved with global variables and would most likely be useless. But it's still a nice thought.

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Re: [command_request] on_collision "*category"

fair enough.