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The bleeding edge isn't appearing anymore.

And when is the next time we can expect an update from the SVN? It's been a while since I've seen anything new...

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That is true, haven't seen a nightly update in a while.

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Re: Bleeding Edge 404'ing

the bleeding edge is hosted in the students network in my univ computers. they are reforming the building where the computers are, and therefore the download link will stay offline for a while.

regarding the updates, i wish i could update the engine more often now that i'm in my vacations time (july). however, my boss at my internship asked me to work full-time for a few days because there are some important things to do in there. also, i have my final undergraduate project to complete 'til the end of the year, and this too is very important to me. in the end, it turns out that i'm not really on vacation sad

i can assure you that i'm doing my best. i'm trying to get some updates done, but i'm unable to promise anything at this moment.

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Works perfectly here.