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Hello all,
Few days ago I've made a Polish language file working with Open Sonic 0.1.2. It contains full translation of all dialog boxes included in the game.
To write it, I've used an English language file as a template. I have also tested it several times in game and it's working fine, without any problems.

You can download it from below link:

Installation: Just copy "polish.lng" file to "language" directory in folder where you have installed the game. Then you can use it by choosing in the main menu "Change language".
Note: This Polish translation doesn't contain specific polish letters such as ąęóśłńżź, because when i tried to put them, then the game was unable to show them properly. I replaced these letters with aeolnz.

Hope that will help polish players in game.
Enjoy! smile

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Hello SzynaW! Welcome to our community! smile

The Polish translation works fine on my system. Good job.

Regarding the special characters, I'll take a look into them. What is the whole set of special characters that are missing? Basically we have to edit images/font.png and modify the source code a little bit.

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I was thinking along the same lines. I'm working on a swedish translation, but the characters åäö / ÅÄÖ is missing.

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From wiki

Additional Polish letters:-

acute accent (ć, ń, ó, ś, ź), the dot above (ż), the ogonek (ą, ę), and the stroke (ł)

Polerują Alfabet

Character Tool (open source ; -)

Sprankle is useful to enter international characters on Windoze

I have added lower and uppercase ć, ń, ś, ź, ż, ą, ę and ł.

ó is on the bitmap.

The Swedish characters ä, å, and ö are already on the font bitmap, I don't know if they have been programmed.


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is the modified alphabet grid any use?