Topic: Edit to pipe entrance system

Hi everybody! smile I was looking on the website and I saw a suggestion for this somewhere, so I tried it, and it works!
In this edit, set_alpha was added to the "pipe ent" object, and the zindex was increased. The "pipe-i-fier" object was also hidden.

Use instructions:
1) Place ONLY one "pipe master" object somewhere in your level. You MUST do this, or it won't work.
2) Build your pipe. The arrow points the way it will move the player, and it will continue in that direction until it hits another pipe object
3) Place a "pipe ent" object on top of the pipe object where the player will go into the pipe.
4) Place a "pipe off" object where the pipe will end.
NOTE: The "pipe ent" object will not become transparent until you exit the editor and go back in.
Download here:

Sorry if someone else already did this, but I didn't see it. cool