Topic: Converting the default quest of 0.1.4 with free art (WIP)

Hi all!
I'm making my first topic around here with a contribution.
I while ago I started converting all the stuff from 0.1.4 with free art. This is still a work-in-progress, but I’ll start posting some of the resulting work.
As of now, I have a test version of Exotic Paradise almost ready. It took a while because I'm no artist, so I used preexisting free art to do the job, and therefore had to search for images with a proper license.
Fortunately I got permission from Santiago Tabarez (CharlyTx) to use his Green Valley and The Underworld themes as CC-by-SA 3.0 (the latter will be used for Exotic Hell and Exotic Paradise Act. 3).
I also contacted the SuperTux team for using some of their art in my projects and my request led to the clarification of the licensing terms of a lot of images resources, by Ingo Ruhnke (grumbel). So if you lot into the Supertux SVN image folder you'll see that all the images made by grumbel are no licensed with GPL2+/CC-By-SA3.0 or GPL3/CC-By-SA3.0.

At this point my plan is the following:

  • Complete Exotic Paradise and Exotic Hell replacement themes

  • Convert some Supertux creatures as replacement for 0.1.4 baddies

  • Start making Blue Ocean theme replacement theme, based on the Snow theme from SuperTux

Many thanks to Santiago Tabarez (CharlyTx) and Ingo Ruhnke (grumbel). It wouldn't be possible to do this if they didn't let they work be licensed with CC-by-SA 3.0. smile

So while I complete this, I leave you with the Exotic Paradise theme for testing. Please bear in mind that isn't finished. smile

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