Topic: The Fracture Combat System

Ok, here's one for all you modders out there.  As you may have noticed, SD recently switched to a system I designed called the Fracture Combat System.  It is basically a wheel, upon which a game's entire combat can be based.  It relies on hitboxes, and is designed to accommodate as many characters as you program a correct companion object for.

Download here:

Some notes:
1. This is not the same as the version used in SD.  The SD edition contains many modifications to make it work for that gameplay model.  If you wish to find that version, download the April Fools edition of SD and pull out anything which has to do with combat.
2. This system takes some time to learn, and if you need help adapting it to a game you design I am usually lurking on the forum and I'm willing to help.
3. If you use the startup objects I've created instead of modifying the default_startup you will notice that there are several key pieces missing which used to be in your version of OpenSurge.  You'll either have to modify my script or the default_startup script.
4. The include list.obj file is used to overcome a bug when you have both a linux and windows executable in the same file, and all includes should be moved to it if you wish to run both from the same folder.
5. I have not included an example enemy in this version.  If anyone needs help writing a 'wheel' enemy please contact me via the forum.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the system.  Also, please alert me to any bugs or unsatisfied dependencies within the files.

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