Topic: Hud bug

Hello everyone,
I have recently written a lightweight hud for a mod I'm designing.  I've set it up to show the date and time on the user's system, however I ran into a problem.  I have posted my code below:

// -----------------------------------------------------
// This is a hud script for Open Surge
// Made to provide a lightweight hud
// Originally designed for: Open Surge Lunar Mod
// Version 1.0
// Author: lunarrush
// -----------------------------------------------------
object ".lunar_startup.hud"
requires 0.2.0
state "main"
set_animation "BLACK_B" 0
let "$zindex = infinity()"
let "$hour = date_hour()"
let "$minutes = date_min()"
let "$month = date_mon()+1"
let "$day = date_mday()"
let "$lives = lives()"
let "$rings = collectibles()"
set_absolute_position 5 5
set_zindex "$zindex"
textout "hud" 0 0 "<color=6d7dec>Time:</color>"
textout "hud" 0 10 "<color=6d7dec>Date:</color>"
textout "hud" 0 20 "<color=6d7dec>Rings:</color>"
textout "hud" 0 30 "<color=6d7dec>Lives:</color>"
textout "hud" 60 0 "$hour"
textout "hud" 76 0 ":"
textout "hud" 80 0 "$minutes"
textout "hud" 60 10 "$month"
textout "hud" 74 10 "/"
textout "hud" 80 10 "$day"
textout "hud" 60 20 "$rings"
textout "hud" 60 30 "$lives"

As you can see, I have it call the month, day, hour, and minute; but when I start the game all of them display the seconds after the minute.  I have two screenshots that were taken seconds apart posted here:
Screenshot 1: Taken 24 seconds into the minute.
Screenshot 2: Taken 27 seconds into the minute.
Does anyone know why I've run into this problem?  If so, please post so that I can fix this bug.

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Re: Hud bug

... hmm

sorry, it was my mistake, really. The calendar functions are not returning what they should. I'll fix it asap.