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With all due respect all these new objects that we can now create it would not be fair to leave the user hanging in the air. When a user downloads a level, and tries to play it then we need to ensure that the user knows that the level uses custom objects or brickset for that matter. It would be sweet if we could have a place to store the custom objects online for a safe secure download before the level starts. But first the user needs to know what is missing. This is a message screen displayed when the user starts the level:

This level uses custom objects or bricksets not currently available in your installation:

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Do you wish to download these missing files? (y/n)

If the user answers yes then OpenSurge exports a html file with links to the download places of the missing files.

This is where the RequiresObject command comes into place:

Placed inside the level file it links to the missing objects. It consists of 3 parameters:

RequiresObject <objectname> <objectauthor> <downloadurl>

Objectname is the name of the missing object, objectauthor is who created the object, downloadurl is the internet link to the file.

Now I don't know if this has been taken care of before, but this is one way of solve the problem with missing objects. smile

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The level designer can simply do the objects in the level (zip file).

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That's true, but it would infringe on copyright rules. Even though Open Surge uses a Creative Commons license it is often better to hold all essential 3rd party files at a central hub from which all can download. This way the author can distribute the level alone which referes to what files needs to be downloaded. Take a look for instance at the Microsoft Visual Studio installers. You download a tiny program that holds the basic setup, that in it's turn downloads the files needed. It's a great approach. If Open Surge could have a zip or other compression routine on board, and have a download routine to download files from the internet it would result in less aggression if the level fails to load.

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It would be far better (and simpler) if someone created a fansite to share custom levels in a reliable server with the correct dependencies resolved.

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Alexandre wrote:

It would be far better (and simpler) if someone created a fansite to share custom levels in a reliable server with the correct dependencies resolved.

that's a good idea smile
is there anyone who can make this?
I can deal with php, but I don't have much time.

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I got way too much to do myself with my daytime job. But wouldn't SourceForge the ideal place to put up such a site? After all they've got the files sorted out quite well.

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the TOS do not allow such a service.

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maby as free hosting.
php and MySQL support, access to ftp, and no advertising!
max traffic is unlimited, 2500 MB webspace (don't know if this is enough)

I do not know if it is reliable, but worth a try.

edit: oow the webspace is 5000 MB

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