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This is other idea, others are very good ( … .php?id=52) ( … .php?id=47), but this is some different. You know Sonic is in spectacular places, levels, from a lot of real places of the world, and in some electronic-robotic places, industrial zones, in the air, ocean's, in the space, etc. big_smile

This is a very tiny image collection of some south-america places:







and maybe include other non-natural places, this is only an example... water, mountain, sand, ice, etc...

The idea is make Sonic levels of south-american places, and call the levels "the real name of this place", for example "Brasilian beach" or "Argentina's Iguazú".

And what are your ideas?

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I like the idea of using real world landscapes as inspiration for the levels. However, since this game is international, I don't think the names of the levels should reference specific regions like Argentina, Brazil, USA, etc directly. Instead, we can reference those places indirectly. For example, we could use some landscape from Argentina as a background in some level (without saying it's from Argentina). smile

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ok, good idea;

now with the gfx i'm using paletes like sonic & knuckles

i'm making new gfx for a new level... i don't know how much time it is taking..

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Easter Island spindashing into moai statues plz

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