Re: Water (I know it has bugs but I hope they will be fixed soon)

I've updated the water object, and fixed a few bugs that I've found since it was first created.  I am currently working on a motion modifier system using the on_button_down script which will slow down the player while they are in water, however it still has bugs and I won't post it until it's better.

Remember, if you install the new version of this object you have two choices:
1. Remove all old water and blackbox objects from all your levels.
2. Edit your level codes and remove all instances of "0.9" from your code to avoid nanoparser errors.

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Re: Water (I know it has bugs but I hope they will be fixed soon)

you should take a look at the speed detector object. i'm sure you can adapt the detection formula to limit max speed. you can also simulate lower gravity by adding a ground detector to the player's feet. make it the scale of a spring, 3/4 horizontally and 1/2 vertically. when it is not colliding with the ground, moves the player one pixel up at a fixed interval, smoothly reducing gravity. to reduce acceleration it's about the same, you just need the speed formula to move the player in the opposite direction in x% of the speed you're moving