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Mineral Cavern Zone

A cavern covered of minerals, sonic, knucles & tails can win this?


A simply level made with/for open sonic 0.1.1

Presented by Lainz

Try it now!

It's free to edit, improve other graphics, etc, etc- This level have some brick's unused in the bricklist and in the PNG image.

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Re: Mineral Cavern Zone

Cool level! big_smile

I found both big rings (second one by accident, nice!).  Monsters appear out of nowhere in the beginning but not so much in middle and end of the level.  I don't know if this was intended or not.  The glasses are easy to find but for some reason I keep accidentally hitting the box with Sonic which of course is useless! wink

The bricks look good and you laid them out in a way that makes the level feel like a cave.  Background scrolls alright too.  The only part of the red bricks I didn't like was how hard to see the bottom of them against the dark background (see the second picture in your post), but that is only with the red ones.  The main level rock looks great and I like the contrast with natural and artificial.

The music fits the level very well.  The tempo seems to match how fast the monsters move and the pace of the level.   The level itself could use a few more non-monster traps since you kind of have to move slow anyway, but there was enough to give me a bit of a challenge the first time I played.  I don't like how we can't backtrack to the beginning though, but that's just personal preference.  We may have to talk Alexandre into one-way blocks of some type.  smile

I haven't even looked at the brickset files yet.  These are just thoughts as I played it.   Nice work!  smile

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Re: Mineral Cavern Zone


Yes, some monsters are an error of the level design, the music is the same of "Example Level" but works, are two glasses, the first very easy to find and the other at the left-top of the level, only you can acces with knuckles > in the second big-ring go up and find the glasses (is an extra of the level!).

A request: someone can compile the last SVN so i can't do this... i can translate the game to spanish with the last svn and test the new features.. please! roll

here is the lang file translated … .php?id=51

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Re: Mineral Cavern Zone

I can give you executable builds for WinXP SP2 (or newer) but you can do it yourself for free and not risk viruses.  Here is a list of free compilers.  The one at the bottom doesn't appear to be working, but this one is not too far away.  I can answer questions you have while trying to get it working too.

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is new for my compiling software, i don't know to do this, but i can try this other day

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Nice work. Your level has really a "cave" touch. The backgrounds and the bricks could be more complex, but for a first version it's a good job. smile This level is a huge improvement over Danger Zone, which I played few days ago.

I also found the two big rings. The second one is really well hidden. smile

The music is fine. It's possible to find other musics compatible with the game at

Re: Mineral Cavern Zone

I'm doing a level with Mineral Color Mineral Zone Act1 colours. But, is not put on this page''levels.'':):(

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