Topic: Suggestion: improve the spindash

I see that the sonic spindash isn't the same at, for example, sonic 3 & knuckles: in this sega game the spindash is "smoth"* ¿How? interpolating 2 images (like an effect of transparency one over the other) to give a sensation of movement (this is also used in the Super Sonic character sprites - check at the sonic head -).

In Open Sonic the animation likes that sonic spindash is moving up and down, because no-effect in the sprites.

How you can do this: in the curren release of Open Sonic you must add this interpolation betwen the spindash frames.

To see it view in an emulator the sonic 3 (use Fusion and a ROM image), you can't see this capturing a snaphot because is'n a single frame effect: is an interpolation between frames.

Check it please. wink

*not refering to filtered - blured

Edit: this isn't an emulator effect, is inside the game, check also in the sega mega collection plus pc if you have answers.

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