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Waterworks Zone

I want than you looked at the level that I created based on images and articles in wiki. There are waterfalls, pipes, fans and bridges. Level don't have enemies.

It's very hard to draw textures and I did this for the first time. Also, I do not know what enemies should be on the level and how to create their image.

download link

It has the game and PSF-files of bricks and background.

Re: Waterworks Zone

The theme looks good so far. At some point, I will draft more concept art,
which will include enemy designs.

I also played through the level. I like the flow of the level, as well as the
decoration objects.

I would like to hear what others think.

-- svgmovement

Re: Waterworks Zone

I want create some levels, but I don't know what should be. I spent a lot of energy and ideas on Sonic 3 Competition mod and if you can advise the overall level plan and objects, I can made it.