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Hi everyone! Here's the first demo of my next project, Sonic: Robotnik's Revenge. I haven't thought of a story yet though, so feel free to leave some ideas below.

This mod, of course, is a Sonic fangame. "Why not make it VA: TG 2," I hear you ask. Well, since it was already very similar to Sonic, might as well go all the way and make a Sonic fangame. Good thing Sega doesn't mind people using their IPs in passionate fan projects, right Nintendo?

Anyways, the demo contains 1 zone; Fresh Firth. This will either be the first or second zone of the full game. Act 2 was previously found as a secret level  in the latest VA: TG build, and now it's a fully-fledged zone. The noticeable difference in quality of the design of the levels between FF Act 2 and the rest of VA: TG is because the levels in VA: TG were made years ago, when I didn't have a clue about how to make good level design. Since this zone, and the other zones in this upcoming project, will be done from scratch by older me, there will be a massive improvement from a design standpoint, at least in my opinion.

There is also a Special Stage in this demo that can be reached from a giant ring in Act 2. They are kind of like a 2D version of the Sonic 2 half-pipe stages, where you are running at a controlled speed, trying to grab as many rings as possible.

So, yeah. All in all, I think just this alone is a big improvement over VA: TG; try it out if you're interested. …


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Hey SGWaS,

I already see a big improvement over your last project. Keep up the good work! wink

Suggestion: I think the brickset of the first level could get some more work (so you get smooth blocks, without holes in-between)

SGWaS wrote:

there will be a massive improvement from a design standpoint, at least in my opinion.

yes, give special attention to design. Your game will be great this way! cool

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I see great level design here, I suggest we re-skin a few stages for Open Surge

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@Alexandre: Thanks for the suggestions and compliments as usual! big_smile

@KZR: That's a good idea. I wouldn't mind helping you guys out in spare time. smile