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Hi everyone! Glad to be here. I'm SomeGuyWithASega, SGWaS for short. I came here because I'm currently working on a game tie-in to Vista's Afterlife, a short PowerPoint film I made about the death of Windows Vista and its trip through the afterlife. It was somewhat of a hit on YouTube, gaining almost 100, 000 views before my channel was terminated. sad

Anyways, I'm currently at Vidme, still uploading and making videos. I'll provide links to the Vidme page and the Vista's Afterlife video at the bottom. But enough of that. Why am I here?

As I said before, I'm making a Vista's Afterlife tie-in game appropriately titled Vista's Afterlife: The Game, based off of the Open Surge engine, version 0.2.0 build 700 specifically. Some of the levels were previously going to be for a level pack for Sonic Greek Overture I had picked up and put down again for years, and now they're finally going to be the form of an unrelated project.

I had made these levels back when I barely knew anything about computers, so when I wanted to make a new zone, I would make a copy of the entire folder, then edit the levels in the copy folder. tongue
Now that I'm digging into the code a bit, I'm trying to combine all of it into one folder, and finding new things to play with along the way (water! Yes, I didn't know there was water in the game. tongue).

I've also had a few questions, mainly problems and issues with the game. I'll post the information in a new topic.

And that's really it. Check out this stuff, I guess:

Vidme page:

Vista's Afterlife:


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I should also note that I have already put up a build of Vista's Afterlife: The Game on Vidme, but I don't really recommend playing it, since I've made drastic changes since, and it contains inside jokes and references to the videos I made. I'll try to get another build out soon. smile


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Hey SGWaS, welcome to the forums!

I commented about your game in the other thread. wink

If you have any questions about the engine, let us know.