Topic: I'm Back... With music

Hello all, I've been working on music and being a typical High School Student.
I do have my Sound Cloud if you want to take a look.

So far, I have no plans of continuing development on my faulted Mod game.
And I may drop many other projects as well, but Music will be my key Development, and not the game, so maybe there might be a new Update for the game probably by the end of this School Year.

I do hope to work on it again, as I have been slowly making, and testing new things for it, and it has me excited.
I don't have much other to say, other than taking a look at other games, and playing them for research (and for my own purposes). I am a one-man team with one Bug Tester, so it'll take some time on Development.

Have a nice day, and I hope to continue working soon.  Hasn't been updated anytime recently, don't bother.
I'm on SoundCloud: - I plan to upload one soon.
Name change from 24XFSAL coming soon. Currently studying for Information Technology and Game development. (Also studying game theory in spare time.)

Re: I'm Back... With music

hey, we do hope to hear more about your music.