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I was messing around with the button inputs for Open Surge and I thought about a local multiplayer mode where the screen shows both characters views. Player 1 would use arrow keys and spacebar, while Player 2 would use WASD and Left Shift. Alot of people have discussed online multiplayer, and though this might be harder to do, I think that it might be more feasible.
I got this idea from Mari0, so if you want to know about what the final product could look like, you can check that game out. tongue Anyway!

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Re: Split-Screen Multiplayer?

I'm guessing it could be done.
I kinda did a multiplayer thing with a bug i found, but it doesn't really work well.
But maybe if you could try modding the camera script, it may work.
And also allow the system to accept two players at the same time, it just might work.
Other than that just ask someone else, i hope this might help.
And i also forgot to mention, you do need 2 different inputmaps for the 2 characters.

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Re: Split-Screen Multiplayer?

That sounds like a very cool idea. Has a lot of potential!

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No Sonic game has a proper split screen mode, please make it happen !!!