Topic: Neon's Jetpack?

Can Neon's jetpack be used to give a sort of hover or double jump? This seems like an interesting mechanic that could have been used. It could even be similar to Tails' flight or Megaman X's dash boots. I thought that this would also give Neon a little bit more character during his gameplay. Either way... big_smile

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Re: Neon's Jetpack?

I vote for the double jump/hover thing. Tails' flight kind of broke the game IMO

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Re: Neon's Jetpack?

And plus it'd be easier to code that, instead of the Tails' flight code.
But if it were to hover, then would it have to have Max Alt and Max Time?
I think to have a Max altitude (maybe), or maybe he can hover in the air for an unlimited height.
You might need to put the

set_player_yspeed -80 

Would that work?

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