Topic: Planing Quest/Mod

I've been compiling some s&k level sprites and enhancing/blending some of them a little so as to make a quest or a story mod, if anyone knows how to program moves for characters/ingame gimiks (say mine cart etc) in c++  I would be happy to share more of my ideas so you can decide if u would like to help or help me learn c++.Alexandre I know you have alot on ya plate with what your self n others wants to acomplish so whatever you can do of what I request which fits into you own and everyone elses requests is apreciated I am willing to learn so to create my own gimiks.
Currently I havent used c++ but am gonna have a look sometime soon. part of my idea for game play is using characters separatly/team work and have story progressing items and inventory items, keys, extra ability aquiring items.