Topic: Dawn of the Gods Rip for Open Surge

Since I see few really read my post on how to get assets quick and easy, much less did anything with it, I went ahead and at least ripped and modified the "Dawn of the Gods" resources for adapting them for Open Surge. I believe the hues can be modified to match the ones that have a different palette in the original source. Feel free to do something with them. I might consider eventually making a few levels eventually, but that will likely be many months away as I'm quite busy.

Original Source + License:

I recommend the following backgrounds to go with it (likely zone 1 is sunny, zone 3 is dusk or night): … er-tileset

NOTE: If you're interested in any other resource set on OpenGameArt, feel free to mention it and I can properly rip and modify those as well for Open Surge. More Information here: … hp?id=1786

Re: Dawn of the Gods Rip for Open Surge

that looks great!