Topic: [Bug] set_obstacle giving problems

Well, I'm making a DNA doors for my Sonic characters:

object "Sonic DNA"
    requires 0.2.0
    category "CustomCont"

    state "main"
        set_animation "SD_DNADOOR" 0
        set_alpha 1.0
        set_obstacle TRUE 90
        on_observed_player "Sonic" "opened"

    state "opened"
        set_animation "SD_DNADOOR" 0
        set_alpha 0.4
        set_obstacle FALSE
        on_observed_player "Tails" "main"
        on_observed_player "Knuckles"    "main"


I built a little space to prove it. The door is located between two bricks. When I pass with Sonic, there's no problem. But if I try to pass with Tails / Knuckles, then the character is teleported backwards, or even up, passing through the ceiling bricks.
I'm really impressed. I worked with set_obstacle before and the results were good. Am I doing something bad?
Is this a bug maybe?

EDIT: I checked that it's a bug. Every time that I try to pass, the character is teleported up. It also happen with built-in DNA doors. Also, I found that the problem is the width of the doors. Using the same code, I changed the DNA door graphic by the blue door graphic and now it works perfect. To solve this problem you only have to redo the DNA door graphic, and give it some width.

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