Topic: KZR's Hacked releases

Until i figure out how to maintain and distribute the modified source code, i can only provide you with Windows executables. Sorry Linux people, i'll try to make it even for you soon.

As done 54 releases ago (woah!), I'm releasing a modified engine.

In this version based on r760 you can find:

*Resolution of 640x480, not changeable in the options, not even through command line.
*No smooth graphics option, since it now causes major slowdowns even on newer computers. (4x the screen area to smooth)
*No level select. This is meant for full mods. You can still start specific levels through the command line, or editing the main quest.
*Multiplayer support, as long as you define inputmaps accordingly. This is not yet documented, but in r706 there is an example: … hp?id=1304
*Slightly modified slope physics. Jumping or falling on a slope does not affect your speed like before, but you still jump on the angle you are standing. …

Enjoy wink

Re: KZR's Hacked releases

Wow! Nice job here, KZR.
It worked fine for me. However, my only problem was with the slope physics. Everytime I jump in a area like this I get stuck:

Also, do you think you can do a version with your Multiplayer Mod included? I have some troubles with porting it to the 760 build.

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