Topic: [Question] Maintaining modified releases

Since i'm modifying the source code once again, this question came up.

Last time i was doing this, I was keeping the sources and releasing only the executables. This may sound good for the end users, but if someone wants to modify the code, it doesn't work so well.

Another issue, is that when the engine is updated, so is the source code, and having to manage all differences between the modified code and the original code is a big task, thus making it impractical to release the modified source code version after version.

My question is: Is there any version control mechanism, capable of managing the differences, or is this something that could only be done manually, comparing files and modifying every new version of the engine?

Re: [Question] Maintaining modified releases

yes, there is a way smile

in subversion, there is a feature called "branches". You can merge changes from the "trunk" (the place where the original code is stored) to a "branch" (say, the modified engine source code)

please take a look at: … hing_guide

see if that's useful for you; if it is, i can give you svn access, so you can have your own branch.