Topic: No I haven't forgotten about this community.

I'm just letting you guys know that I've been busy as heck with my music and upcoming album releases. That's why I haven't been much help lately. I've however been investing time doing serious musical research, and this will benefit the game in the long run. I've been researching modern soundtracks how to make them sound better. I've also paid a lot of cash to get better sound libraries. You heard the croco-copter sounds I posted earlier? These sounds is created with a library that costs €50

Here you got a soundtrack when escaping from something:

A track with a touch of total serialism: … ght-hidden

This is a heavy metal track from my forth coming album later next year: … th-of-fire

This is a remix of the theme song from Shadow of the beast

Finally 5 taste bits of my upcoming dubstep album: … -tastebits

Please note that all tracks posted here except the remix can be used in this game if you guys need them.

Re: No I haven't forgotten about this community.

Nice sounds.  Do you create all the songs on a computer? cool


Re: No I haven't forgotten about this community.

Pretty much every song yes. smile