Topic: Back again, Progress?

Title is self-explanatory, I'm just checking in for updates to the code and data. I got a job at Homegoods working in the back. I'm going to start making some levels for the "Timeshock!" Quest. And I also need a complete rewrite of the story, I seriously don't want to end up ripping off Sonic CD. But at the same time, I want the players familiar with the concept of time travel to remember the Sega CD title.

I don't want to take away elements from Genesis Sonic games, rather improve them.

We also need to consider implementing stunt objects and stunt bricks. Like S-tubes, and helix pipes, and cannons. As well as an option to create new characters rather than replace existing ones. We need to soften up what is currently hard-coded, to enable customization.

Tall order, it is. But, remember what inspired this title? Sonic! So we need to keep the Sonic feel, even if Sonic can't be used.

Any suggestions, comments, concerns?

I'm ready and waiting for you!