Topic: [Cutscene script] Anteater vs CrocoCopters

I've been doing some scripting to design how the cutscene with the anteater and the crococopters could be enhanced a bit further to pick up the pace of the game. Time is measured in hours minutes and seconds.

Anteater vs Crococopter scene

Scrolls level to the right, past some
parts where Surge hasn't been. A pair of
Crococopters WHIZZING down from the sky

Animals scampers around to the terrible
sounding VOICES the CC's uses to talk with.

0:00:07: CC 1 (to scared anteater)
    Hold it right there!

0:00:13: A (yelps scared)
    Who me? No way!!
0:00:16: CC 2
    You there! Stop it!
0:00:19: A
    I don't think s...
As the scene progresses more and more animals and
CC's rushing to and fro, animals getting ambushed, and
disapears with violent purple flashes, when suddenly...
0:00:20: Anteater screams in fear as 3 more CC swops
down over him in opposed direction, and nearly misses him.

0:00:22: Surge goes in knocking 4 of the CC's out of mid air.

    "Break off your attacks, or I'll destroy you!"
0:00:27: CC:
    "We'll see about that!"
0:00:29: CC swoops down on Surge, and nearly knocks him out

0:00:33: Anteater scampers away faster than before

0:00:36: A: "Someone save me from this mess!"
0:00:38: Three more speed enhanced CC's sweaping
down towards the scared anteater
0:00:39: CC 1: "We can arrange that!"
0:00:41: CC 2: "Get over here!"
0:00:43: The CC's picks the anteater off the ground

0:00:44: Anteater screams in agonizing pain as the CC's
steel enhanced claws tear deep wounds in him,

0:00:45: Surge sees what's going on, and rushes to aid

0:00:46: The CC's engage their enhanced engines

0:00:47: As Surge is less than a meter away from the CC's
they activates their beacons, and transports out in a
violent purple flash that finaly knocks out Surge.
0:00:50: Surge wakes up, dizzy, and in great shock of what
just happened. He shakes off the dust, heads down to a creak
to tr to get some water. Stunned by the fact that the creak is
bone dry he spins away towards the newly constructed dam.