Topic: Why you should use the latest engine:

So say that you've got a game going that you really like. However you've stumbled into problems with your game. However you're using an outdated engine for your game which means getting accurate help is kinda tricky.

When I started supporting Open Sonic in 2009, version 0.1.2 was the hottest thing ever. It had it's quirks, but it was a great engine to experiment in. When 0.1.4 came out it included the scripting API, which is kinda simple to use. I haven't had the time to evolve my knowledge in that API, so from my POV I'm 4 years behind the train. I'm using 0.2.0 though to be able to test out sound fx and music for the game.

So it all boils down to this advice from me: You're better off if you're changing the engine you use to the latest version. The reason is that you'll get more help if you're engine is up to date.

Because if you don't, then you're taking the risk that the documentation is becoming more and more outdated, and many people only know the latest version. Ofc you could use the Wayback machine to browse the forums for additional info, but how good is that info when you're still falling behind those who use the new engine?

So get on the wagon, and make the switch to the latest engine. Your game will thank you for doing that.