Topic: Please read this BEFORE you post images from image hosts

I've seen several times here on the forum that people tries to post images uploaded to other image hosts. Which is nice ofcourse, but this leads to a big set of issues.

If you post the link to the display page on that host then you won't get any images shown.

This is like pointing a road sign to another road sign, instead of pointing the road sign to where the street is.

What you need to do is to right click on the image on that page, and select Copy image url. This way you get the image url on the host:

Then you paste the image url inside the img tags.

This is a post that someone wrote where he did just this error, and look how broken it looks.

The same goes with images stored on FTP's. Many FTP's, like mine, require login credentials to get access to the file, which only the owner has access to, and only should have access too. The reason is that otherwise the owner's homepage is in grave jeopardy of being compromized. And as a domain owner I'm not about to let that to happen at all.