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yes. If you want to brainstorm some ideas, please do it now. There's space for new ideas in 0.2.0.

We have discussed it, but it has been forgotten I guess:
1) putting RPG elements into the game. Preserve the physics, the linear levels, but introduce RPG-like stuff in the game. Suppose Surge is in Sunshine Paradise. Like in Cave Story or Shinobi Densetsu, Surge could get into houses, talk to people, find treasures, trade items, and so on.
2) adding magic powers to the characters. After grabbing some item (completing a bonus?), Surge could have a "electric beam" or something like that.

Re: Selling games

Putting some adventure/rpg elements game will make it better, in my opinion. However. I would prefer "story line" and "action" zones to be fully  separated, like it is done in Frogatto, for example.

Anyway, I suppose we should postpone there features until we manage to prepare first major release.

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Re: Selling games

1) to include that kind of RPG elements, we would have to get around the timer issue. If you are motivating exploration, having a timer is a turn-off. Even if you don't die by time-up, the player will feel some pressure to complete the level before 9.59, especially if the player comes from a background of Sonic games. The timer can be kept, if we are also making a time attack mode or giving bonuses for low completion times.

2) The magic powers are a good idea, but we should also come up with a way to keep them in control, so the players use more the default mechanics and don't rely on just spamming magic.